Title: CEO

Nadiam has been involved for many years, part of retail industry, where he gained extensive professional and managerial experience. His proven track record is a clear indication that he is a go-getter and a visionary. His mindset sets him apart from others in his field. His strategic methodologies are exactly what make Discount Xtreme Agents what it is today.


Discount Xtreme Agents offers a variety of Multi- Channel Solutions. A proven leader in Contact Centers software around the world, we provide a modular suite of software solutions for the most demanding call centers. Presence makes it easier to respond to your customers’ needs, no matter how they choose to communicat


The customer service team handles your information requirements, resolves your problems, channels your compliments to those deserving and follows up on your queries and service complaints. We strive to provide instant support and obtain answers to all your enquiries. For those queries which require investigation or consultation, we endeavour to track down the experts for you and let you know the status. All calls to the Customer Contact Centre are logged, recorded and escalated calls are tracked until issues are successfully resolved.


Discount Xtreme Agents offer a wide range of products for all types of applications. They are developed with the latest technology in order to provide the best performance with continuous environmental awareness.Revline is a company with roots in the marketing industry, with specific focus on the management of a large call center driven  by excellence and the desire to offer consumers quality products that will enhance their lifestyles. Through diligence and strategic planning we have created an established enterprise with the ability to market products nationally and deliver on its promises.

We believe in the people we hire, and invest in their development. The fact that knowledge and pertinent skills in a company’s employees determines the success of the company itself is axiomatic. The hard working and dedicated agents and managers  form the backbone and lifeblood of our organization and inspire us in our mission. Our team believes in striving to greater heights regardless of what we may achieve in the corporate world; forever looking ahead and never being satisfied that we  have done enough.

The products we sell are carefully selected and tailored to suit the needs of a modern and dynamic marketplace. We aim to  always anticipate and implement new ways for clients to receive excellent value and great savings. Premium service is our core focus and we endeavor to never relent in pursuing this goal.